Self Hosted

Check out the other ClusterApps resources and uploads.

Books @ ClusterApps is a collection of living documents and guides. The books will  be updated and refined as they mature.

ClusterApps in the wild

There is not a lot posted out in the wild just yet. Check out these hubs and repositories for the ClusterApps accounts. As items from the local repo mature and become stable, they will be shared to these services.

Check out  Github and Docker hub for simple integration into your project.

Using Ansible? Check out the ClusterApps Galaxy

ClusterApps in (near)realtime

If we ever decide to tweet anything.

How to help

ClusterApps will do its best to be a free service, but even free services have costs to run.

Get a $100 credit at DigitalOcean. By using the link provided, you'll earn ClusterApps a small credit at DigitalOcean and receive credit for yourself to use.

Looking to get rid of old hardware? ClusterApps is usually willing to accept decommissioned hardware for use in the lab to build documentation and run test code on. Contact us for more information.